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Services offered

Machine Shop constructed materials

Engineering and Design

You can bring your idea to the shop or email will work. You will consult one on one with the toolmaker/machinist that will work with you from the start of your project through completion. 


The shop has a wide range of welding options to meet all of your needs. From metals to plastic we can make leak free vessels and tanks.

Welding and brazing can be done on location if needed.


The shop has all the machine tools needed to complete your project. From milling to lathe turning to cutting - the shop has equipment to complete highly complex apparatus.

Sheet Metal 

We have all the tooling needed for making your custom sheet metal projects. Shears, rollers, spot welding and hole punching give us the ability to make custom designs out of various metals and plastics. 


The shop has extensive experience repairing a wide variety of lab equipment. Repairs can be done on site for large equipment.


We have the ability to sharpen most lab scissor and tweezer. Guillotine blade sharpening is also available.