News archive - 2013
MPGI Faculty Carol Ishimaru and Kevin Smith awarded Small Grain Initiative Grants

Ishimaru's project will be on Bacterial Leaf Streak of Wheat: An Emergent Problem in Need of Solutions and Smith's project will be on Marker Assisted Breeding for Enhanced Disease Resistance in Barley


MPGI Faculty Gary Muehlbauer names a 2013 Distinguished McKnight University Professor

Professor Muehlbauer uses genomics to study plant function and agricultural productivity. He is an internationally known leader in this field, with many publications in prestigious journals.


Science names MPGI faculty Dan Voytas's gene-modification technique one of 2012's top scientific breakthroughs

An approach to modify genes developed by University of Minnesota researcher Daniel Voytas and colleagues was among the "breakthroughs of the year" detailed in a special issue of Science published December 21.