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BIO - Fall 2011

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A boy or a girl?

David Zarkower's lab has found that certain genes are needed not only to determine gender, but to maintain it.

An evolutionary duel

Sharon Jansa finds that some opossums survive snake bites by staying a step ahead of evolutionary "upgrades" in the potency of viper venom.

Of lions and lunar cycles

Superstitions about the full moon might just be right. Craig Packer and colleagues find that lion attacks on people in rural Tanzania jump when the moon is at its brightest.

Cutting-edge to a cure

Eric Hendrickson's lab is attracting attention for a cell-modification technique that promises new ways to treat life-threatening conditions.



CBS graduate student Daniel Nidzgorski is working at the intersection of science and social justice to boost GLBT visibility on campus.

Plein air

Cedar Creek Ecosystem Science Reserve brings a creative perspective to the research happening at the field station with the launch of an artist residency program.

Exploring the options

Jake Inda won a 2011 Goldwater Scholarship for his promise as a researcher, but his goal is to use his lab skills to help patients.

Brains, beauty and butter

CBS freshman Mary Zahurones was crowned 2011 Princess Kay of the Milky Way at the Minnesota State Fair in August.


Lake effect

Darby Nelson has had a lifelong love of lakes, and now he's written a book about how to keep them healthy. Nelsonn will be on campus for a book signing and lecture December 6.

Where are they now?

CBS has an alumni map!  See where fellow alumni have landed (literally) and what they are up to now. Let us know where you are and we'll add you the map!

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