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BIO: Fall 2013


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A winning approach

The college's Foundations of Biology already has a reputation for innovation. Now, the course has received a national award for inquiry-based instruction based on student's proposals to address real-world problems.

Solving a multicellular mystery

Evolving multicellular algae in the lab, post-doc Will Ratcliff and associate professor Michael Travisano discover why it is better to go it alone during reproduction.

The message in the microbes

Ran Blekhman's research points to a correlation between the human genome and microbiomes that may shed more light on the nature of chronic conditions.

Eco eye in the sky

Cedar Creek Ecosystem Science Reserve has received a $2 million grant in support of an ambitious plan to use remote sensing to monitor biodiversity on a large scale.

Who is your science inspiration?

Share your #scienceinspiration on Twitter. Remember to use the #scienceinspiration hashtag and include @umncbs in your tweet!

Renew your ties to with CBS

Why support the college? Donors and scholarship recipients tell their stories in the 2013 annual report to donors.

Science teacher extraordinaire

2013 Outstanding Teaching Award recipient and CBS alum Daryle LeFleur shares who and what has inspired him along the way.

All-inclusive education

For CBS academic advisor Suzi Pyawasay, advancing equity and diversity at the University is all in a day's work.

Going the distance

Grad student Amanda Martin has traveled hundreds of miles collecting native plant seeds - and she doesn't even have a driver's license.

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