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BIO - Spring 2011

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How to make "green" fossil fuels

Researchers in Larry Wackett's lab are coaxing bacteria, with the help of sunlight and carbon dioxide, to do just that.

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A protein with potential

Reuben Harris leads a $10 million multi-institutional effort to study an antiviral protein that could hold the key to treating HIV.

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Model researcher

Melissa Gardner draws on her engineering expertise to model the interplay of proteins that control cell movement and division.

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Hitting rock bottom

Jeff Gralnick and an interdisciplinary team of U researchers descend to the depths of the Soudan Mine to study unusual microbes.

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One man, many roles

Vic Bloomfield reflects on his long tenure and diverse experiences as a researcher, teacher and administrator at the U of M.

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The art (and science) of leadership

The first cohort of students to complete the Dean's Scholars program talks about what they learned along the way.

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Bridging the bioethics gap

Biology undergraduate Jennifer Nicklay wants to help cultivate dialogue between scientists and citizens on topics like GMOs.

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It's elementary

One of nearly two dozen CBS student groups, the Biochemistry Club inspires the 12 and under set with fun, engaging science lessons.

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Back in balance

CBS alum Gary Back has spent nearly three decades helping ranchers and miners restore their land's ecological balance.

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A crusade against cancer

Chad Toledo's father was diagnosed with cancer when he was still a teen.  The alum has been working toward a cure ever since.

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Itasca weekend in the woods

Spend September 23-25 at Itasca Biological Station and Laboratories with CBS faculty, staff and fellow alumni.

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