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BIO - Spring 2013

Sue Wick with students

Action star

Morse Alumni Award-winner Sue Wick embraced active learning early and continues to stay ahead of the pedagogical curve. read now

Biology by design display

Biology, by design

Can an interdisciplinary approach to design inspired by biological systems solve the world's problems? An exhibition at the Weisman explores the possibilities. read now

Troy Larson catching baseball

MD over MLB

CBS undergraduate and Gopher Baseball centerfielder Troy Larson could play professional baseball, but he plans to go to bat for patients instead. read now

Let CBS take you out to the ballgame on May 10. register

Burkhard Seelig with enzymes

Blast from the past

Burckhard Seelig used directed evolution to create an artificial enzyme that may resemble enzymes from billions of years ago. read now

Cave paintings

The way we were't

Marlene Zuk debunks the myth that humans peaked in the Paleolithic era in her new book Paleofantasy: What Evolution Really Tells Us About Sex, Diet, and How We Live. read now

CBS alum Dave Kinnear

An evidence-based life

From interpreting sales data to choosing a vacation destination, CBS alum Dave Kinnear (B.S. Biology '79) thinks like a scientist. read now


 Gary Muehlbauer CBS alumni at food truck Karen Leopold and Maxwell Shinn 
Plant Biology's Gary Muehlbauer, a leader in applying genomics to studying plant function and agricultural productivity, has been named a 2013 McKnight University Professor. more
With mac n' cheese empanadas, tie-daye wall hangings, four types of craft beer and nearly 80 CBS alumni and friends, last month's "Brewological Sciences" alumni event was a blast! photos
Eureka! CBS has two Goldwater Scholars: Karen Leopold and Maxwell Shinn are recognized for their potential as researchers with the prestigious award. more