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BIO - Winter 2011

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Research News

Microbial first responders

Researchers are looking to enzymes to identify and even remediate contaminants in the environment and food supply.




The making of a killer

A new book by science historian Susan Jones traces the rise of anthrax from a rare soil-borne disease to biological weapon.




Bigger fish to fry? Maybe not

Shorter food chains in rivers, caused by weather and human activity, are taking a toll on the populations of large fish.




GMO 2.0

CBS' Dan Voytas, who pioneered a new, more precise approach to modifying genes, tapped to lead the plant sciences division of a French biotech firm's UEL division.




Turning the tables on HIV

John Albin, a doctoral student in Reuben Harris' lab, has discovered a clue to protecting a major anti-HIV protein.




College News

Building a better BioBrick

CBS students built a "nanobioreactor" and brought home gold from the iGEM international synthetic biology competition.




Mississippi microbes under the microscope

A new course puts data collected as part of the Minnesota Mississippi Metagenomics Project in the hands of student researchers.




Reinventing the science classroom

New science teaching building draws inspiration from an innovative interactive classroom model used by CBS for cutting-edge Foundations courses.




Alumni News

The future of biology at the U of M

A new report considers the potential gains for the U of M and the state of Minnesota with long-term support for the biological sciences. Share your comments.




Testing the waters

MN Cup winner and recent CBS alum Ben Schurhamer is using his biology background to restore ponds without chemicals.




Tour Tut with CBS

See the King Tut exhibit at the Science Museum of Minnesota with college faculty, alumni, staff and friends of the college, March 2.




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Extraordinary education

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In the field

CBS field stations and field research


March 2

CBS Tutankhamun tour at the Science Museum of Minnesota

March 9

Science and Politics on the Rain Forest Development Frontier

March 15

Unselfish Genes? The Biology of Altruism

Media Watch

On evolution, biology teachers stray from lesson plan
New York Times | 2.7.11

Home and away: Are invasive plant species really that special?
NSF | 2.1.11

How much do you affect the ecosystem
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