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Message from Dean Valery Forbes | The shooting of Daunte Wright

Email sent to the CBS community April 13, 2021

Dear CBS community,

As you know, a Brooklyn Center Police Department officer shot and killed Daunte Wright on Sunday. This tragedy adds fresh trauma to the open wound of previous killings at the hands of police. That this pattern continues unchanged nearly a year after the death of George Floyd underscores the need for immediate individual and systemic change.

Checking in With Dean Forbes - April 2021

Each year around this time, the University asks colleges to present our priorities for the coming year to the provost and other University leaders. The College continues to advance its mission with strong enrollment and graduation rates, incremental increases in research dollars and robust engagement efforts. We look to build on that momentum in the coming year.

Our top priorities, outlined in the FY22 CBS Compact, going forward are to:

Holey homemakers

Postdoctoral researcher at Cedar Creek organizes a team of contributors to learn more about red-headed woodpeckers, ultimately informing conservation efforts and innovating wildlife research methods.

woodpecker stands on branch beside cavity in tree

CBS supports our Asian, Asian American, and Pacific Islander community members

A message from Dean Valery Forbes sent March 18, 2021:

CBS community,

Earlier this week, we learned of the violent attacks in Atlanta that resulted in the deaths of eight people, most of them women of Asian descent. These reprehensible acts are consistent with a widespread pattern of violence against Asian Americans and women in this country. 

Alumni at Work: Paul Savereide

As senior associate general counsel at the University of Minnesota, CBS alum Paul Savereide (J.D. '91; Ph.D. Cell and Developmental Biology, '91) draws on the skills he learned in the lab to provide guidance on a range of issues from data privacy to patents for new technology. He shares a bit about his path from Ph.D. to J.D. and offers some advice to biology students interested in the law.

Checking in with Dean Forbes - March 2021

A year ago, we found ourselves at the beginning of the pandemic. Classes moved online and uncertainty about the future pervaded our lives. Much has changed in that time and uncertainty remains, but the path forward is clearer and hope for a return to some version of normal seems to be within reach. In the meantime, the work of educating, discovering and engaging continues.

Decoding RNA’s mysteries

Novel COVID-19 vaccines and some diagnostic tests use messenger ribonucleic acid (mRNA). Aaron Engelhart investigates ways to track the nucleic acid.

Ribonucleic acid (RNA) has received a lot of press recently.