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Checking in With Dean Forbes - January 2021

Many of us had hoped for better things in 2021 and, indeed, there are reasons for optimism. But the images of violence at the Capitol that propelled us into this new year left an indelible imprint. While details are still emerging, the presence of symbols of white supremacy and anti-Semitism displayed by some of those involved in the insurrection was jarring. Those symbols, compounded with the muted response and violence that ensued, were deeply disturbing and a potent reminder of the racism and bigotry that persists in our society. 

CBSelfie with Kirsten Meltesen

Kirsten Meltesen’s experience studying abroad, working at the Bell Museum and conducting research in a paleobiology lab give her a holistic view of research.

Kirsten Meltesen stands in a jean jacket with her hair down

Fourth Year 

South Elgin, IL

Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior

January Plant of the Month: Darwin's Orchid

Darwin's Orchid

Welcome in the New Year with Darwin's orchid, the quintessential orchid for a teaching botanical collection. Angraecum sesquipedale, this white star-shaped waxy flower emits a deep musk and sweet gardenia with a hint of vanilla scent at night. It is difficult to grow an

Checking in With Dean Forbes -- December 2020

The end of the year is nearly here and for many it won’t be missed. We’re all hoping for better days to come in 2021. While things won’t return to normal any time soon, we have cause for hope that this year will be the inverse of the last one. I am incredibly grateful to all of you for going above and beyond to deliver on our mission in spite of it all. 

Tropical dry forest in the spotlight

A special section in Biotropica edited by Jennifer Powers gives a window into one of the most famous research areas in the tropics.

University of Minnesota undergraduates on a field course in Santa Rosa, 2013
University of Minnesota undergraduates on a field course in Santa Rosa, 2013 (photo credit: Jennifer Powers)

CBSelfie with Kira Sampson

Senior Neuroscience major Kira Sampson credits her interest in mental health and her study abroad experience in Thailand as the driving force of her future plans.

Kira wears a black shirt

Fourth Year 

Elmhurst, IL


An Award-Winning Educator

Ann RougvieDr. Ann Rougvie, professor of Genetics, Cell biology & Development, has been an outstanding contributor to undergraduate education in the College of Biological Sciences for nearly three decades.

Market Science Featured Scientists Initiative

Are you passionate about sharing your love of science and its impact on your life with ours? The CBS Market Science program is recruiting folks to participate in its Featured Scientists Initiative. Traditionally, Market Science is a team of scientists that share science through hands on activities for young students and market goers at local Farmers Markets across the Twin Cities with the goal of providing the opportunity for community members to explore science in informal spaces.

Nominate Outstanding Performance Award for Teaching Assistants

Take time to recognize incredible TAs!

Who's eligible? All teaching assistants in CBS courses (undergraduate and graduate) who have demonstrated excellence in teaching or other instructional activities that enhance the educational experience at the U of M are eligible for the annual CBS Outstanding Performance Award for Teaching Assistants.

Please complete the nomination form if you would like to nominate your teaching assistant--