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Spring 2020 Petri Dish Series

Petri Dish Spring 2020

March 4 

Clearing the air around Cannabis

Cannabis has been classified as a controlled substance under federal law since 1970. The plant’s outlaw status hampered research and disrupted cultivation of Cannabis used for hemp fiber.

Here, there and everywhere

The Conservatory gets plants from across town and across the globe. 

With over 1,800 species of plants in the collection, one of the more common questions we are asked is “Where do you get all of your plants?” It’s a great question when presented with the scope of diversity in the Conservatory. My short answer is that we get plants from “everywhere.” 

Orchids in focus

Longtime volunteer and orchid expert Chas Huston explains why these beloved plants offer an excellent opportunity for outreach.


Minnesota roots

Graduate student Rebekah Mohn received a Fulbright to study sundews in Australia. She relies on the CBS Conservatory to grow varieties from many other parts of the work she can't visit in person. 


Aaron Engelhart Speaks at TEDx Boston

Genetics, Cell Biology and Development Professor shared on the past, present and future of our research concerning life on Mars.

Aaron Engelhart, assistant professor in Genetics, Cell Biology and Development, recently shared about his work and the broader scope of research on our understanding of life on Mars at a TEDxBeaconStreet talk in Boston. Engelhart researches the origins of life and ways we can see if life exists outside our atmosphere.

Changes to the CBS performance review process

The new performance management process is designed to encourage regular performance check-in meetings with your supervisor and will provide you with the training and resources you need to engage in meaningful conversations about your professional development. Additionally, the new process focuses on shared goal-setting and individual accomplishments rather than rated competencies. Supervisors will rate overall performance on a 3-point scale. New Performance management forms (for reviewing civil service, bargaining unit, and P&A staff):