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News from the College of Biological Sciences for alumni, donors and friends

Breast cancer breakthrough?

Reuben Harris was surprised to learn that the antiviral proteins he studies in his HIV-AIDs research may be the cause of a mutation that occurs in more than half of breast cancer cases.

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Staying on point

Science magazine names TALENs, a technique for making pinpoint changes in targeted genes developed by CBS' Dan Voytas, one of the top scientific breakthroughs of 2012.

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A driving force for Minnesota

The U of M's proposed MnDRIVE (Minnesota, Discovery, Research and InnoVation Economy) program includes a plan to bridge research and industry developed by CBS' Robert Elde and the BioTechnology Institute's Michael Sadowsky.

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A-maize-ing insights

Nathan Springer is heading up an ambitious study of epigenetic variation in maize that could lead to higher crop yields and reduce the environmental impacts of growing corn, one of the world’s most important agricultural commodities.

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Tiny organism, big discovery

The Berman lab's discovery of sexual mating in a fungi that causes 400,000 deaths each year could help inform strategies for preventing and treating infections.

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Candid camera on the savanna

A project launched by CBS researchers associated with Craig Packer's Lion Research Center asks citizen scientists to help catalog thousands of photos taken on the Serengeti by motion-activated cameras.

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Help turn the tree green!

With construction on a new campus center at Itasca Biological Station and Laboratories set to begin this spring, now is the time to “turn the tree green” and secure a spot on the donor wall.

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