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Join the Mashek laboratory

The Mashek laboratory is seeking several undergraduate students to help with a wide range of projects involving either Drosophila melanogaster or mouse models to dissect out novel dietary and genetic interventions to alter lifespan and aging-related diseases, or advanced microscopy approaches to study organelle interactions. Students that could start this semester and stay through the summer are preferred.

Ecolab Scholars Program

Do you have a dream of solving pressing environmental challenges in Minnesota and globally?  Do you want to find solutions for our world’s grand environmental challenges?  Do you have an interest in sustainability and the environment?  

The Ecolab Scholars Program may help you reach that goal...

The Ecolab Scholars Program is accepting applications from first and second year students interested in sustainability fields who want to advance their communities economically and environmentally.

Virtual CBS Gap Year Panel & Networking

Are you thinking about a gap year before health professional school? Hear from recent alumni about their gap year experiences prior to starting health professional school.

Attendees will:

  • Identify post-graduation gap year experiences.
  • Determine whether a gap year would be valuable in becoming more competitive for health professional school.
  • Enhance networking skills.
  • Identify resources and support CBS can provide.


Date: Thursday, April 2

CBSelfie with Kassra Taghizadeh

CBS senior combines passion for science and theater through coursework and extracurriculars, slowly discovering how the seemingly disparate studies intertwine.

Kassra stands in a denim shirt

Hometown: Minneapolis, MN

Major: Neuroscience

Minor: Theatre Arts

Spring CBS Career Pop Ups

Spring semester means new beginnings, changing weather, and CBS’s Career pop-ups.

The CBS Career Team is available for stop by, drop-in career questions where students are at. This is a special opportunity to meet with the Career Team in a location near you. Stop by our pop-up to talk about upcoming career fairs, quick resume or cover letter reviews, and more. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to connect with a career coach. No appointment necessary!

Shedding new light on cavefish

Two new NSF grants allow Suzanne McGaugh and colleagues to gain more insight into how cavefish can alter behavior given changing conditions.

cave fish

Antisocial blind cavefish are drastically different from their social surface-dwelling counterparts. Despite distinct appearances and lifestyles, the fish are members of the same species. 

Checking in With Dean Forbes - February 2020

The College’s field stations are vital to our research, education and outreach mission. Faculty and staff at Cedar Creek Ecosystem Science Reserve and Itasca Biological Station and Laboratories do incredible work. Two recent productions capture a bit of the magic of these unique places.