Research Abstract and Full Proposal

Environment and Natural Resources Trust Fund
Research Addendum for Peer Review

Project Manager Name: David D. Biesboer, Ph.D.
Project Manager Email Address:

Dr. Alex Kahler (
Dr. Anthony Kern (

Project Title: Genetic Diversity, Conservation and Threats to Wild Rice

Project Number: # 068 - C1+2

1. Abstract. Wild rice is an important semi-domesticated plant in Minnesota. It is recognized as being under threat from changes in hydrology of streams, lakes and rivers, changes in seasonal housing along lakeshores, and competition from both native and exotic aquatic species. However, the most important threat is a loss of genetic diversity as habitat declines, competition increases and global climate change accelerates. This proposed research seeks to utilize polymorphic microsatellite DNA markers (also called simple sequence repeats, or SSRs) and the powerful tools of bioinformatics to study the genetic diversity of wild rice across Minnesota. The genetic information from this study will be used to directly assist natural resource managers in the conservation and restoration of this valuable native species in the State.

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