Christopher Schwebach

Where did you transfer from?

Minnesota West Community and Technical College

Why did you want to come to the University of Minnesota?

I was graduating from Minnesota West and liked the Twin Cities area, as well as the vast opportunities available at the University.

What did you research?

We looked that the effects of both heating and canopy treatments on endophytic interactions in Picea hosts in Northern Minnesota. I have been working on this project since October 2011 and have enjoyed the work as well as the potential to learn more about fungal interactions in a changing environment.


What did you get out of this experience?

The opportunity has benefited me in several ways. I learned a lot from this lab experience about things like bench work and lab writing techniques. This lab position helped to solidify my decision to go to graduate school by showing me the rewards of doing research.

What are you interests outside of school?

I enjoy working on my car, building computers, and playing/listening to music in my spare time.

What are your plans for the future?

I have recently been accepted to the Ohio State University's Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology graduate program. I will start the program next fall to pursue my Ph.D.

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