Shun Khor

Where did you transfer from?

University of Texas at San Antonio

Why did you want to come to the University of Minnesota?

I wanted to come to the University of Minnesota because their College of Biological Science provides a good learning environment and a lot of research opportunities.

What are you researching?

We are investigating the effect of injecting different growth factors into the eye muscles. We are looking at how this affects the strength of the eye muscles. I chose this project because it motivates me to know more about eye muscles and I get to learn different things about muscles and brain cells. I love helping to conduct research that could possibly find a cure for Strabismus.

What have you gotten out of this experience?

I have improved my ability to read and evaluate scientific research papers. My mentor has taught me techniques to evaluate the research papers and improved my knowledge of brain cells and eye muscles. This research experience also brought me to a new world perspective outside of the classroom and allowed me to apply my knowledge about muscles and brain cells. I also get to join the weekly meetings and interact with graduate students, postdocs and even the dean sometimes.

What are your interests outside of school?

I love playing badminton, running and reading.

Do you participate in any extracurricular activities?

I am currently the secretary of an event organized by Malaysian Society. I also joined the University of Minnesota's Pre-Dental Club.

What are your plans for the future?

I am currently a biology major and I hope I can achieve my dream of getting into a dental school. I am also going to be a community advisor next year in Frontier Hall. I am planning on doing different kinds of volunteering work. I would love to work in more research labs.

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