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Populus Version 5.4

Populus 5.4 was first posted for public distribution on January 4, 2007. It contains a new module on resource competition including models by Stewart and Levin, and by Tilman. It also expands the AIDS Threshold simulation of Martin Nowak and colleagues into an AIDS trilogy, adding a model of basic viral dynamics, and the Wodarz & Nowak model of pulsed retroviral drug treatment. There are significant enhancements to the Continuous Predator-Prey module, allowing density-dependent prey limitation and a saturating predator functional response to be added to the basic Lotka-Volterra model, either singly or together. Finally we have made many minor fixes and improvements in the interface, and streamlined the download/installation process. Most of the additions to Version 5.4 are the work of Populus programmer emeritus Lars Roe, who has returned to Minnesota to work at Symantec, and makes time to help out. In the final rush of debugging Amos Anderson was also home from Caltech, and gave us a couple of valuable days from his holiday. Thanks to both!

Java required to use Populus

In order to run populus, you must have Java Runtime Enivronment 1.4 or later installed.  You can install the latest version of java here.

Install MethodSystem Requirements
WindowsJRE 1.4 or later
PDF Reader**
Mac OS XJRE 1.4 or later
PDF Reader**
Mac OS X
LinuxJRE 1.4 or later
PDF Reader**
Unix (Solaris) JRE 1.4 or later
PDF Reader**
Install in JAR format (Advanced Users)JRE 1.4 or later
PDF Reader**


** You will need a PDF Viewer to view the help. If you need PDF viewing software to display the Populus help files, Adobe Systems provides a free Acrobat Viewer here.