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Computational and Genome-Enabled Biology Research Cluster

The Computational and Genome-Enabled Biology research cluster seeks to capitalize on advances in genomic/genetic knowledge, sequencing technology and data analysis to link genetics to phenotypic diversity in molecular, evolutionary and medical genetics.
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The College of Biological Sciences at the University of Minnesota seeks candidates for up to three tenure-track assistant professor positions. Candidates for more senior positions are also encouraged to apply. These positions are part of a larger effort to build a critical mass of researchers using the latest genomic and computational approaches to answer significant questions about genetics, development, or the basis of complex phenotypes and behaviors. Applicants are sought in two distinct but complementary focus areas:

  • Computational Biology: We seek applicants with a solid computational background who are developing and applying new computational approaches to address impactful questions in biology.
  • Genome-Enabled Biology: We seek experimental biologists utilizing a combination of the latest tools in genomics, molecular genetics, biochemistry, and/or bioinformatics to study fundamental biological questions.

The successful candidates will pursue high impact studies in their fields and contribute to the institutional research community through their contributions to collaborative research efforts, teaching, and university service. The new hires will synergize with existing programs to stimulate the formation of new research teams pursuing the challenges and promises of genomics research.