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Theoretical Biology research cluster

Biology stands poised to address some of the most pressing challenges facing the world today. However, this requires the development of general theory in biology with work that pushes the limits of mathematical and computational sciences. The aim of the Theoretical Biology cluster is to build on existing strengths in the College of Biological Sciences (CBS) and at the University of Minnesota in order to further explore the general mathematical properties of complex systems in biology at a wide range of scales from cellular processes to populations, community and global ecosystems.

To this end, the college is recruiting new tenure track and tenured faculty who are committed to multidisciplinary interactions, have outstanding research potential, and are motivated to contribute to campus-wide expansion of cutting-edge research in biology and to new initiatives in graduate and undergraduate education. New faculty hired as part of this cluster are expected to develop a strong, internationally recognized research program that complements and interfaces well with current faculty research in the college and in their tenure department in areas such as population genetics, ecology, evolution and infectious diseases dynamics.

CBS is fertile territory for collaborative work in theoretical biology. The college maintains very strong graduate programs, including one of the leading ecology, evolution and behavior programs in the United States. In addition, there is a long history of collaboration between our empirically grounded faculty members and mathematically sophisticated theorists. CBS also provides exciting opportunities for undergraduate teaching. Each year the college recruits a select group of undergraduates to participate in its innovative teaching program – only the top eight percent of undergraduate applicants are accepted into the program.