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Research Facilities, Resources and Programs

Explore core scientific facilities, services and other research resources available to CBS faculty and students.


  • Resources

    The Biological Theory Alliance brings together researchers interested in the use of conceptual and mathematical modeling to understand biology.

    BioCoR Specimen Preservation
    Focus on the science, technology and practice of biospecimen preservation by developing specific biopreservation protocols.

    Biomedical Genomics Center
    A genomics research service provider committed to advancing genomics in Minnesota, across the entire range of biomedical and biological research.

    Biophysical Technology Center
    State-of-the-art instrumental resources for optical spectroscopy and EPR available to researchers.

    Center for Magnetic Resonance Research
    State-of-the-art instrumentation, expertise, and infrastructure to carry out biomedical research.

    Characterization Facility
    A multi-user, shared instrumentation facility for materials research spanning from nanotechnology to biology and medicine.

    Institute for Therapeutics High-Throughput Screening
    Scientific services to advance research and therapeutics.

    Minnesota NMR Center
    State-of-the-art NMR instruments available to researchers, providing a venue for them to pursue their projects and develop their experience in NMR methods.

    Minnesota Supercomputing Institute
    High-performance computing resources and user support to facilitate successful and cutting-edge research in all disciplines.

    Nanofabrication Center
    Design, fabrication, and testing of small scale devices.

    Norwegian Centennial Chair
    Transatlantic collaboration and exchange in a broad range of disciplines and fields through different opportunities for research and education.

    Populus software contains a set of simulations that we use to teach population biology and evolutionary ecology at the University of Minnesota.

    Research Informatics Support Systems
    Research informatics infrastructure for researchers that study complex problems or systems.

  • Facilities

    A consortium of U of M research service facilities offering state-of-the-art instrumentation and user-friendly, walk-in service and training.

    BioTechnology Institute
    Coordinated research in the biological, chemical, and engineering aspects of biotechnology and home to the President's Initiative on Biocatalysis.

    Collects, maintains and distributes stocks of C. elegans.

    CBS Conservatory
    A greenhouse facility with 10,000 square feet of greenhouse space along with a headhouse and lab classroom. 

    Center for Mass Spectrometry and Proteomics
    Support, equipment, and expertise for analyzing complex protein mixtures.

    Electronic Instrument Services
    Repair and calibration of most types of laboratory equipment, from all major manufacturers.

    St. Paul Machine Shop
    Working from your conceptual designs or blue prints to having working apparatus in your lab is what we do.

    University Imaging Centers
    A network of core imaging facility locations for advanced optical imaging and basic electron microscopy.}

  • Programs

    MnDRIVE Environment
    MnDRIVE Environment supports research and development of environmental remediation technologies using microorganisms, plants, enzymes, or chemicals (independently or in combination.