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News and Events

2019 News and Events


  • Two new team members will be joining the lab
  • Funding of a new project on engineering living materials for biocatalysis together with the Wackett and Aksan groups


  • Sara Bloch, '14 PhD Lab alumn, was featured in a CBS Blog
  • Anaya Pokhrel joins the lab as postdoctoral fellow. He will be working on strain engineering tasks.
  • Research Assistant Professor Maureen Quin leaves the lab to begin a new journey in industry as Senior Development Scientist at Beckman Coulter.
  • New postdoc ads have been posted - we are looking for 2-3 new postdoc for several new synthetic biology projects in the area of programmable functional protein nanomaterials


  • Postdoc Seung-oh Seoh (SOS) starts his faculty position as Assistant Professor at the Catholic University in Seol, Korea.
  • Sara Bratsch joins our team as postdoctoral fellow to work on biomaterials and strain engineering. 
  • Methods Enzymology Volume on Supramolecular Assemblies and Metabolons edited by Claudia and Maureen is published.
  • "A path less taken" - the Schmidt-Dannert lab received philantropic funding for the desing of innovative, genetically programmable materials
  • Postdoc Guoqiang Zhang arrives at Jiangnan University to start his new position as Associate Professor.
  • Claudia's and Fernando Lopez-Gallego's review on "Advances and opportunities for the design of self-sufficient and spatially organized cell-free biocatalytic systems" in Curr. Opin. Chem. Biol. In Press.
  • Chris Flynn's manuscript on the characterization of the Fusarium terpenome accepted for publication in Fungal Biology.