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Springer Lab Personnel

Springer Labgroup, Itasca Retreat 2016.  


(Pete is posing for the album linernotes of an 80's metal band)



Nathan Springer

Dr. Nathan Springer


Nathan's CV



Tara Enders

Dr. Tara Enders


Tara's CV

Sarah Anderson

Dr. Sarah Anderson


Sarah's CV

Pete Crisp

Dr. Pete Crisp


Pete's CV

Peng Zhou

Dr . Peng Zhou


Peng's CV

Jackie Noshay

Jaclyn Noshay


Grad Student

Sara Tirado

Sara Tirado


Grad Student

Erika Magnusson

Erika Magnusson


Grad Student

Peter Hermanson

Peter Hermanson


Jr Scientist





Former Lab Personnel


Qing Li

Qing Li


Qing's CV

Post Doc

Jan 2013-June 2016

Mandy Waters

Amanda Waters


Grad Student

Aug 2011-May 2016

Dr. Cory Hirsch

Former Post-Doc



Mei Zhang

Visiting Scientist

Post-doc in Walbot group at Stanford

Steve Eichten

Dr. Steve Eichten

Former Grad Student

Post-doctoral research, ANU Borevitz lab


Evan Starr

Lab Tech

PhD student Berkeley

Ruth Swanson-Wagner

Dr. Ruth Swanson-Wagner

Former Post Doc

Monsanto - Genome Informatics Lead

Robert Stupar

Dr. Robert Stupar

Dr. Robert Stupar is now an assistant professor in the University of Minnesota Agronomy/Plant Genetics Department.

Irina Makarevitch

Dr. Irina Makarevitch

Dr. Irina Makarevitch is now an associate professor at Hamline University.

William Haun

Dr. William Haun

Dr. William Haun is now a Research scientist at Cellectis Plant Sciences.

Past Undergrad Lab Workers

Johnathan Giesler

Emma Knapik

Laboratory Assistant

Laboratory Assistant



Laura Jensen Laboratory Assistant Aug15-May16
Sarah Houle Directed Research Aug14-Dec14
Amanda Basham UROP Jun14-Aug14
Rachel Nelson Directed Research Jan14-May14
Jaclyn Noshay Directed Research Sept13-present
Patrick West   Directed Research May12-May14
Andrew Bergemann Directed Research May13-Dec13
Amanda Waters Student worker Apr10 - Aug11
Whittney Egle Directed Research Sep08-May09
Kevin Pietel Directed Research Jan06 - May06
Chris Thompson  Directed Research Aug06-May07
Rebecca Coobs Directed Research Aug06-Dec06
Rebecca Shirmer  Directed Research Aug06-Dec08
Aaron Oldre   Directed research / Laboratory asst May06-May07
Anna Bredsten   Directed research / Laboratory asst Aug05-May07
Anne Bergmark   Directed research / Laboratory asst Jan04-May07
Adrienne Escher  Laboratory assistant Jan04-Aug06
Jena Trask Directed research / Laboratory asst May04-May07
Nicole Saur Directed research Sept04-Dec04
Melissa Royzman Undergraduate research assistant Sept03-May04