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Sonication of DNA

Protocol Specified for: Heat Systems Ultrasonics Sonicator


  1. Adjust volume of DNA sample to 700uL.
  2. Adjust settings on the Heat Systems Ultrasonics Sonicator:

Output: 0
Duty cycle: 30%
Cycle: continuous

  1. Turn sonicator on.
  2. While keeping the tube on ice, insert the probe to just above bottom of 1.5mL tube.
  3. Turn the output to level 3 for 10 seconds and then return it to 0.
  4. If switching to a new sample, rinse the probe with ethanol and wipe dry with a kimwipe.
  5. Incubate each sample on ice for at least 1 minute between sonciation cycles.

Quality Check:

  1. Run samples on a 1.5% agarose gel to verify fractionation to 100-500bp.
  2. Quantify samples on nanodrop.