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Transfer credits

The links below will help you understand how courses transfer to the University of Minnesota. Course equivalencies are reviewed regularly and are subject to change.

Submitting Transfer Courses for Evaluation

If an academic advisor recommended you have transfer courses evaluated for direct equivalency to a CBS course, please go to our Transfer Course Evaluations page for instructions. You must be a current or admitted student to request an evaluation.

Transfer Equivalencies Resources

  • Transferology
    Transferology will allow you to enter the courses you’ve taken at other institutions and see how they transfer to the University of Minnesota. You will need to create a free account to use this site. Not all math, physics, and chemistry courses have been entered into Transferology. For these courses, we recommend using the CSE Course Equivalency Guides linked below.
  • Liberal Education Transfer Guides
    Use these guides to view our Liberal Education requirements and see if your courses may transfer to meet these requirements. All students at the U of M are required to complete the Liberal Education requirements to ensure a well-rounded education. At other institutions, you may know similar requirements as general education or goal area requirements. These guides list courses that have previously been transferred. Additional transfer courses will be evaluated after you are admitted to the university.
  • CSE Course Equivalency Guides
    Use these tables from the College of Science and Engineering to see how chemistry, math, and physics courses may transfer. Please do not use the biology sections of these guides as they may not be accurate for current courses approved by the College of Biological Sciences.
  • Biology Courses
    Due to rapid advances in the biological sciences and changing curriculum, CBS frequently expires transfer course equivalencies. Current biological sciences transfer course equivalencies can be viewed through Transferology. Courses without a direct equivalent may be re-evaluated when you are admitted to the university.

Notes for Students Pursuing CBS Majors: The U of M teaches similarly named courses at multiple levels. Some courses may transfer as lower level courses that do not cover enough depth to fulfill CBS major requirements.  We recommend CBS students complete their advanced biology courses at the University of Minnesota to ensure they will fulfill major requirements. Current U of M students should consult with their academic advisor before taking major courses at another institution. Prospective students may email CBS at with questions about how biology courses may transfer towards a CBS major.​

  • Office of Admissions Transfer Credit Information
    You can view details about AP/IB/CLEP credits, transfer of military credits, the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum, and your transfer credit report through the Office of Admissions transfer credit website.

If you’re thinking of transferring to CBS but have not yet applied, make sure to learn more about our admission requirements and information sessions.