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NameUniversityDegreeYear Current Activities
Nick BaltesUniversity of MinnesotaPhD2014Calyxt, St. Paul, MN
Michael NyquistUniversity of MinnesotaPhD2014Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Seattle, WA
Michelle ChristianUniversity of MinnesotaPhD2013University of Washington, Andrew M. Scharenberg Lab
Joshua BallerUniversity of MinnesotaPhD2012Research Informatics Scientific and Operations Lead at University of Minnesota
Fengli FuIowa State UniversityPhD2010Research scientist at University of Minnesota
Jiquan GaoIowa State UniversityPhD2009Strategic Marketing Consultant, Roche Diagnostics
Justin HoshawUniversity of MinnesotaMS2009Biology Instructor at Waubonsee Community College
Yi HouIowa State UniversityPhD2008Graduate student of statistics at the University of Texas San Antonio
Troy BradyIowa State UniversityPhD2007Postdoctoral fellow at the University of Pennsylvania
Rob DickIowa State UniversityMS2007Graduate student at Cornell University
Junbiao DaiIowa State UniversityPhD2006Postdoctoral fellow at Johns Hopkins University
Ericka HaveckerIowa State UniversityPhD2005Postdoctoral fellow at the Sainsbury Laboratory
Peter FuerstIowa State UniversityPhD2003Assistant Professor, Dept. of Biological Sciences, University of Idaho
Brooke Peterson-BurchIowa State UniversityPhD2003Bioinformatics scientist at Pioneer Hi-Bred, International
Weiwu XieIowa State UniversityPhD2003Postdoctoral fellow at the University of Missouri, Columbia
Xiang GaoIowa State UniversityPhD2002Postdoctoral fellow at Indiana University
Yvette ChinIowa State UniversityMS2001Research Assistant at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center
Thomas VigdalIowa State UniversityMS2001Law student at UC Davis
Yunxia ZhuIowa State UniversityPhD2001Bioinformatics scientist for Jackson Laboratory
Phillip IrwinIowa State UniversityMS2000VWR, West Chester, PA
Xiaowu GaiIowa State UniversityPhD1999Bioinformatics scientist at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
David WrightIowa State UniversityPhD1999Associate scientist at the Voytas Laboratory
Ning KeIowa State UniversityPhD1997Principle scientist at ACEA Biosciences in San Diego
Jin KimIowa State UniversityMS1996Director, Business Development, Entelos Inc.
Sige ZouIowa State UniversityPhD1996Independent Investigator at National Institute on Aging

Post Docs and Staff

NamePositionFrom ToTotalCurrent Activities
Joe Belanto Postdoc 20152017 2TBD
Nick BaltesPostdoc201420151Calyxt, St. Paul, MN
Aaron HummelPostdoc201320152Danforth Center, St. Louis, MO
Javier GilPostdoc201220153Calyxt, St. Paul, MN
Becca GreensteinJunior Scientist201320152UNC School of Information and Library Science
Yiping QiPostdoc200920134Eastern Carolina University, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Biology
Yong ZhangPostdoc201020122Associate Professor at University of Electronic Science and Technology of China 
Kim NguyenPostdoc200920123Spitale lab at UC Irvine
Xiaohang Li 200820113Research scientist at Dow AgroSciences
Christopher Pierick 200820102Research scientist at Duke University
Feng ZhangPostdoc200820102Director of Research at Cellectis Plant Sciences


Visiting Researchers

NameHome Institution at time of appointmentRoleDate
Xu TangUniversity of Electronic Science and Technology, Chengdu, ChinaVisiting ScholarJune - Nov 2018
Hiroaki SaikaInstitute of Agrobiological Sciences, Naro, JapanVisiting ScholarMay - Nov 2018
Hui ZhaoInstitute of Tropical Bioscience and Biotechnology, Hainan, ChinaVisiting ProfessorJan - June, Aug - Dec 2018
Sripad JoshiMcGill University, Quebec, CanadaVisiting ScholarMarch 2018
Shrikant SharmaAarhus University, Slagelse, DenmarkVisiting ScholarOct - Nov 2017
Susana  Sanchez LeonInstituto de Agricultura SostenibleVisiting Scholar July-October 2016
My  Tra Thi VoInternational Rice Research Institute. Los Baños Laguna, PhilippinesVisiting Scholar July - Aug 2016
Xiang JiUniversity of Electronic Science and Technology of ChinaVisiting Scholar, Research SpecialistApril 2015 - April 2016
Conrado  Dueñas JrInternational Rice Research Institute. Los Baños Laguna, PhilippinesVisiting Scholar May - June 2015
Perigio  Francisco JrInternational Rice Research Institute. Los Baños Laguna, PhilippinesVisiting Scholar May - June 2015
Radim CeganInstitute of Biophysics ASCR. Brno, Czech RepublicVisiting Scholar Aug -Nov 2014
Vojtěch HudzieczekInstitute of Biophysics ASCR. Brno, Czech RepublicVisiting Scholar Jan -June 2014
Xu TangUniversity of Electronic Science and Technology of ChinaVisiting scholar Jan-June 2014
Viktor TokanInstitute of Biophysics ASCR. Brno, Czech RepublicVisiting Scholar Sept - Dec 2015
Josep CasacubertaCenter for Research in Agricultural Genomics. Barcelona, SpainVisiting Professor, Sabbatical2011