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Daniel Voytas

Principal Investigator


Colby Starker

Lab Manager/Research Associate
Post-doctoral research: University of Minnesota
PhD: Stanford University, BA: University of California, Santa Cruz
Project: Manage multiple collaborations, investigate TALEN structure/function, TALEN design and assembly, and implementing new nuclease based technologies.


Kit Leffler

Executive Office and Administrative Specialist
Voytas Lab and Center for Genome Engineering

Qiwei Shan

Postdoctoral Associate
PhD: Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China
Project: Genome engineering in monocots


Nat Graham

Postdoctoral Associate
PhD: University of Missouri


Paul Atkins

Graduate Student 
PhD: University of Minnesota: Molecular, Cellular, Developmental Biology and Genetics (TBA)
BA: Luther College
Project: TBA


Michael Maher

Graduate Student 
Project: TAL-methyl transferase

Ryan Nasti

Graduate Student 
Project: TBD

Evan Ellison

Graduate Student 
Project: TBA


Matt Zinselmeier

Graduate Student 
Project: TBA


Redeat Tibebu 

Graduate Student 
Project: Plant Genome Engineering in Dicots


James Chamness

Graduate Student 
Project: Plant Genome Engineering