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The Finlay Lab

My lab investigates the ecology of freshwater ecosystems, and their interactions with surrounding natural and human-altered landscapes. My group does research at multiple scales and levels of organization using experimental and comparative approaches. I am particularly excited by interdisciplinary, collaborative research that integrates across spatial and temporal scales.  Current research areas includes investigation of productivity and energy flow in river food webs, urban biogeochemistry, nitrogen cycling in lakes, and effects of human land use modification on stream ecosystems. 

I teach undergraduate and graduate courses in limnology and freshwater ecology in the Department of Ecology, Evolution and Behavior (EEB). I am a member of the graduate faculty in the Conservation Biology, Ecology, Evolution and Behavior, Natural Resources Science and Management, and Water Resource Science Graduate Programs. I am an associate editor for Biogeochemistry and director of the EEB Graduate Program.

Jacques Finlay

Professor • Department of Ecology, Evolution & Behavior • The Saint Anthony Falls Laboratory • Institute on the Environment


Department of Ecology, Evolution & Behavior

National Center for Earth-Surface Dynamics

College of Biological Sciences

Institute on the Environment

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