Lab News and Updates

October 2013

MN Daily article featuring our urban research published. Click here for the full article.

Article on nitrogen and phosphorus interactions published in Science

Some links to press coverage:

American Chemical Society

UMN Press Release

July 2014

Article on carbon burial in thermokarst lakes published in Nature

August 2014

Daniel Ackerman and Sarah Winikoff join the Finlay lab.

September 2014

Sandy Brovold is moving to the Large Lakes Observatory in Duluth.  Thank you Sandy- we'll miss you!

Welcome to Michelle (Shelly) Rorer, who is taking over from Sandy this month.

September 2015

Welcome to Anna Baker. Anna is a new graduate student in the WRS Graduate Program, co advised with Dr. Karen Gran (UMD).

Summer 2016

Welcome to Claire Grifin, who joined us in May as a post doctoral associate, and Erin Mittag. Erin is a new graduate student in the EEB Graduate Program, co advised with Dr. Sarah Hobbie

December 2016

Congratulations to Evelyn Boardman for completion of her Masters Thesis!!!