BioGen Administrative Center

Our mission is to provide quality services to our departments, the Medical School, the College of Biological Sciences, and the University of Minnesota.

The BioGen Administrative Center provides administrative services to the Department of Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, and Biophysics and the Department of Genetics, Cell Biology and Development. Finance, human resources and grant pre-award staff members work in teams to support faculty, staff and students in these areas.

  • Jess Stuart | Manager of Operations (GCD) | 612-624-5953 |
  • Ann Swanson | Executive Assistant to BMBB Department Head (BMBB) | 612-626-2127 | 
  • Tori Lafky | Fellowship Coordinator (BioGen) and Department Administrator (GCD) | 612-624-7470 |
  • Alena Phongsavath | Undergraduate Coordinator and GCD Admin Assistant | 612-624-3110 I
  • Courtney Topp | Principal Office and Administrative Specialist (BMBB) | 612-625-6100 |
  • Karen Evans | Graduate Program Coordinator (BMBB) | 612-625-5179 | 
  • Katie Roos | Graduate Program Coordinator (GCD/MCDBG) |
Human Resources