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2017 Market Science Calendar

Stephanie Erlandson leading Ethnobotany session with Market Science
Photo: Maddy Fox, Minnesota Daily. Story here

We're excited about our schedule this summer and fall. It's filled with amazing science from Twin Cities researchers, showcasing everything from geology to entomology to mechanical engineering!

Please contact us ( if you'd like to join us to share your science!

Market Locations

Midtown Farmers Market

Richfield Farmers Market

Nokomis Farmers Market

April 22UMN SciSparkViruses
May 6Midtown Farmers MarketInsects with Frenatae
May 27Midtown Farmers MarketPlant Genetics
June 3Midtown Farmers MarketThe Human Microbiome
June 3Richfield Farmer MarketImmunology
June 10Midtown Farmers MarketBees!
June 14Nokomis Farmers MarketSoil Health
June 17Midtown Farmers MarketRenewable Energy
June 17Richfield Farmers MarketTropical Forests
June 24Midtown Farmers MarketCoevolution with VENOM!
June 28Nokomis Farmers MarketSocial Interactions in Bacteria
July 1Midtown Farmers MarketFrom Mushrooms to Molds (with UMN Mycology Club)
July 8Midtown Farmers MarketOpen Source Science
July 8Insight BrewingBarley = Beer
July 14Redwood County FairMonarch Butterflies
July 14Ramsey County FairDynamic Trees
July 15Ramsey County FairGenes & GMO's
July 15Midtown Farmers MarketDisease Ecology
July 15Cedar Creek Ecosystem Science ReserveMN Forest Ecology
July 15Bemidji Natural Choice Farmers MarketMinnesota Butterflies
July 19Nokomis Farmers MarketThe Wonders of Wetlands
July 22Midtown Farmers MarketPlant Chemistry
July 26Nokomis Farmers MarketMicrobiology
July 29Richfield Farmers MarketClimate Change Research with LacCore
August 5Midtown Farmers MarketCarnivores & Cameras
August 6Northeast Open StreetsWater Quality
August 12Richfield Farmers MarketBotany
August 12Midtown Farmers MarketPlants & Adaptation
August 16Nokomis Farmers MarketMN Geology
August 19Park Rapids Farmers MarketPlant - Microbe Interactions
August 19Midtown Farmers MarketChemistry
August 23Nokomis Farmers MarketWild About Wheat
August 24MN State FairChemistry
August 25MN State FairMicrobes & Metals; Healthy Prairies
August 26Midtown Farmers MarketMechanical Engineering
August 30Nokomis Farmers MarketLeaves & Photosynthesis
September 2Midtown Farmers MarketRemote Sensing
September 9West Broadway Open StreetsFungi
September 9Cedar Creek Ecosystem Science ReserveMarket Science Extravaganza!
September 16Midtown Farmers MarketMath & Botany
September 30Midtown Farmers MarketMedical Microbiology
October 7Midtown Farmers MarketAmphibians


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