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Tiffin Lab

We use population, association (GWAS), and quantitative genetic approaches to understand evolutionary process shaping diversity in natural populations.

A major focus of current research is association and population genomics of the model legume Medicago truncatula as well as the rhizobial symbionts (Ensifer / Sinorhizobia) of this plant. Using whole-genome sequence data we have been investigating the genetic basis and genetic architecture of phenotypic variation, the genetic basis of local adaptation, and how selection has shaped diversity at genes responsible for phenotypic variation and local adaptation.  


Poplar Population Genomics
Medicago HapMap
Medicago HapMap publications

Peter Tiffin
612 624-7406

Director of Graduate Studies, Plant and Microbial Biology Graduate Program

Dept. of Plant Biology
Univ. of Minnesota
250 Biosciences
St. Paul, MN 55108

Graduate Faculty:
Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior, and Plant and Microbial Biology