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Planning for learning abroad

Start planning your learning abroad experience now (or think one year or so ahead) and learn ways to earn credits to fill program requirements. Work closely with your CBS academic advisor and follow the steps below to plan your time abroad.

Getting started

  • Tell your academic advisor you are interested in studying abroad at each registration appointment. Together, identify the best terms to go abroad, based on the courses in your four-year-plan.
  • Think about your goals for studying abroad. Do you want to earn major-specific credits toward your degree, fill liberal-education requirements, study a language, conduct research or participate in a health-related program?
  • Have an idea of the type of program you’d like to do? Do you have a country in mind? How long do you want to be abroad? 
  • Create a profile on the Learning Abroad Center website and attend First Step meeting to learn the basics of learning abroad.
  • Set up a program selection appointment at the Learning Abroad Center or with Vanessa Walton in CBS Student Services to help select a program or answer questions.
  • If you are choosing a University Study program (you’ll take classes at a university, rather than a center-based program or course led by a U of M faculty member), begin to research the courses that might be available to you and complement your academic interests. Also, look at what courses previous CBS students have taken at that institution (if available).

Select the programs you’d like to apply to

  • Submit your application and any required additional paperwork.
  • Set up an appointment with your CBS Student Services advisor in order to discuss what courses you should enroll in abroad. Bring your Academic Planning form so that you can discuss possible course equivalencies and approvals. You’ll also meet with the Director of Undergraduate Studies for your major to finalize your course selections.
  • Attend all required orientation and read all required pre-departure material.

Finally, go abroad, study, have fun, and do well in your courses!

When you return

  • Ask your advisor to update your APAS to reflect the previously approved course credits.
  • Share your experience with other CBS students and the U of M community through events like Reflections from Abroad.
  • Participate in a study abroad debriefing session with CBS Student Service advisors.
  • The Learning Abroad Center provides returnees with many ways to get involved and share their experience, including internships, jobs, conferences, etc.