Contact a Student Services staff member

CBS Student Services can be found in 3-104 MCB and reached via email at

Student in CBS Student Services

Academic Advisors

Marissa Caskey (she/her/hers), Academic Advisor |

Zack Gill (he/him/his), Academic Advisor I

Tony Och (he/him/his), Academic Advisor I

Veronika Paprocka, Academic Advisor |

Alexa Squire (she/her/hers), Academic Advisor |

Student Engagement

Aryn Lipnicki (she/her/hers), Assistant Director for Student Engagement I 

Terra Brister (she/her/hers), Student Engagement Coordinator |


Forest McMillan (they/them/theirs), Assistant Director for Career Development |

Rachel Perlin, Career Event and Outreach Associate |

Kirsten Petersen, Pre-Health Career Coach |

Mary Shannon Bocock (she/her/hers), Career Coach |

University Honors Program

Brittany Dilling (she/her/hers), Academic Advisor |

Julie Goepferd (she/her/hers), Academic Advisor |

Jeanette Simmonds (she/her/hers), Academic Advisor |

Learning Abroad

Maria Mantey (she/her/hers), Associate Program Director, Learning Abroad Center |

Student Services Administration

Hussain Bandy (he/him/his), Assistant Director for Academic Advising |

Christie Her (she/her/hers), Program Associate |

Elizabeth (Liz) Kalinowski Ohrt (she/her/hers), Assistant Director for Academic Advising |

Nikki Letawsky Shultz (she/her/hers), Assistant Dean for Student Affairs and International Programs |