CBS Honors Program

First-year students are considered for the University Honors Program (UHP) at the time of their admission to the University. Students with at least two years left in their degree program may also apply to UHP through a post-freshman admissions process. Current and prospective UHP students may visit the University Honors Program website for more information.


CBS Honors Program FAQ

Who is my University Honors Program (UHP) Advisor?

You will have one assigned Honors Advisor who will provide information and guidance regarding UHP requirements and eligibility for graduation with Latin Honors during your undergraduate journey.

Honors Advisors:

You can schedule appointments with your Honors Advisor using their individual appointment links or contact UHP at 612-624-5522. Honors advising appointments are required with the minimum number noted below:

  • First-year students: one each fall & spring semester
  • Sophomore students: once a year
  • Junior students: once a year
  • Senior students: once a year

You may also meet with any advisor during UHP drop-in hours for quick questions and time-sensitive matters. Remember that drop-ins are limited to 10-15 minutes and do not fulfill the Honors advising appointment requirements described above. 

Who is my CBS academic advisor?

Your academic advisor in the College of Biological Sciences (CBS) will meet with you to discuss your major(s), minor(s) and academic goals. Learn more about CBS academic advising here.  

What courses can I take for my CBS major that can also fulfill an Honors-course Experience?

Offered both terms:

  • BIOL 1951H: Foundations of Biology Lecture I for Biological Sciences Majors, Part I
  • BIOL 2003H: Foundations of Biology for Biological Sciences Majors, Part II
  • MATH 1572H: Honors Calculus II

Offered fall only:

  • CHEM 1071H: Honors Chemistry I with CHEM 1075H: Honors Chemistry I Laboratory
  • MATH 1571H: Honors Calculus I
  • PHYS 1401V: Honors Physics I
  • CHEM 2312H: Honors Organic Lab
  • CHEM 2331H: Honors Elementary Organic Chemistry I

Offered spring only:

  • CHEM 1072H: Honors Chemistry II with CHEM 1076H: Honors Chemistry II Laboratory
  • PHYS 1402V: Honors Physics II
  • CHEM 2332H: Honors Elementary Organic Chemistry II
  • BIOL 3272H: Applied Biostatistics

For other Honors courses and non-course experiences, please refer back to the UHP Requirements website.

What are the REQUIRED Thesis Developmental Sequence Courses to graduate with Latin Honors in CBS?

All four courses listed below are required and must be taken in order. Prerequisites are enforced.

BIOL 2961H: Exploring Research in the Biological Sciences

  • Enroll sophomore year.

BIOL 3961H: Communication in the Biological Sciences

  • Enroll junior year, available fall and spring.
  • Strongly recommended during the fall term.

BIOL 4951H: Thesis Writing in the Biological Sciences: Developing the Literature Review

  • Enroll senior year. Available fall only.
  • Students will start writing their thesis in this course.
  • Students should start research with their thesis faculty mentor a full semester prior to taking BIOL 4951H. For most students, this means starting research by the spring of junior year.

BIOL 4961H: Thesis Writing in the Biological Sciences: Conveying and Contextualizing Results

  • Enroll senior year. Available spring only.
  • Students will complete their thesis in this course.
  • Students may enroll concurrently in CBS Writing Intensive Directed Research during this semester.

BIOL 2961H+3961H+4951H = 1 honors course towards the required Honors Experiences.

Some circumstances, such as graduating early, going abroad, or starting UHP as a post-freshman admit, may require students to expedite the thesis course sequence. If you are considering a departure from the standard thesis course timeline, be sure to check in with one of your Academic Advisor and Thesis Faculty Reps, Dr. Dana Davis ( or Dr. Daniel Bond (