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Wackett Lab

Research Overview

The Wackett laboratory studies microbial enzymes and pathways for biocatalysis and biodegradation and helped build the Biocatalysis/Biodegradation Database.

  • Atrazine – Biocatalyst encapsulation and water treatment
  • Cyanuric acid – Removal from swimming pool water
  • Emerging pollutants - Bioremediation of personal care products
  • Aromatic hydrocarbons – Modeling and mechanisms
  • Hydrocarbon biosynthesis – Enzyme structure and mechanisms
  • Enzyme-based sensors for detecting toxicants
  • Predicting biocatalytic potential of enzymes and microbes

News Highlights

James Christenson has been selected to receive the Founders Award. As part of the award, James receives a cash prize and the honor to present a platform lecture at the 25th Annual Enzyme Mechanisms Conference in St. Pete Beach, Florida.

James Christenson and coworkers recently published in Biochemistry the discovery of a new reaction in enzymology, that has significance in renewable hydrocarbon synthesis and the production of beta-lactone antibiotics 

Kelly Aukema and coworkers recently published an important paper on the biodegradation of problematic personal care products (PCPs) that are increasingly entering drinking water. This study also highlights a method for predicting biodegradation potential using enzyme X-ray structural data.

Bioremediation startup founded – Minnepura Technologies, Inc.

Minnepura in the news - Startups out of the University of Minnesota

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