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U.S. Patent 5,508,193 issued April 16, 1996:
"Pseuodmonas strain for degradation of s-triazines in soil and water"

U.S. patent 6,265,201 issued July 24, 2001:
"Improved enzyme for atrazine biodegradation"

U.S. patent 6,284,522 issued September 4, 2001:
"Isolated and purified DNA molecule and protein for the degradation of triazine compounds"

U.S. patent 6,369,299 issued April 9, 2002:
"Transgenic plants expressing bacterial atrazine-degrading gene atzA"

U.S. patent 6,825,001 issued November 30, 2004:
"DNA molecules and protein displaying improved triazine compound degrading ability"

U.S. patent application US20120015414 filed April 13, 2011:
“Production of organic compounds”

World patent application WO2012116013 filed February 22, 2012:
“Silica sncapsulated biomaterials”

U.S. patent 8,323,956  Issued December 4, 2012:
“Distal tip of biosensor transducer comprising enzyme for deamination”

U.S. patent 8,367,389  Issued February 5, 2013:
“Methods, compositions and devices utilizing structurally stable cyanuric acid hydrolase”

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