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Returning to CBS

Students who are interested in returning to CBS after some time away should refer to the following instructions for the readmissions process. Please refer to the Readmissions Policies page for additional information. You can contact a CBS Student Services with any questions.

Returning from an Approved Leave of Absence

If you have taken an approved leave of absence, you need to notify the College of Biological Sciences of your intent to return and discuss course registration with a CBS advisor. Complete an Application for Readmission and submit it via email.

Returning from Inactive Status

Students who have not been granted a formal leave of absence and who do not register for one or more semesters, excluding summer, will be placed on inactive status. If you wish to resume coursework after being placed on inactive status, you will need to submit an Application for Readmission. Students who have been on inactive status for more than five years must petition the College Scholastics Committee for readmission by completing an Application for Readmission and a Petition for Readmission

There may be additional considerations for return, such as changes to advising and degree requirements, depending on the length of time that you have been away from CBS. Please contact CBS Student Services to discuss your plans and visit the CBS Readmission Policies page to learn more. You should submit materials via email.

Returning from Suspension

Students who have been suspended from the University may not register for any University of Minnesota courses for at least one full academic year. Suspended students must petition to return to the university; contact an advisor in CBS Student Services for more information about completing an Application for Readmission and a Petition for Reinstatement.

Returning After Graduation

College of Biological Sciences students who have graduated, but now want to complete a deferred major or minor, or pursue another CBS major or minor, should submit an Application for Readmission and submit it to CBS Student Services via email.

Students who have already completed an undergraduate degree generally do not qualify for financial aid. Contact a One Stop Student Services representative with any financial aid questions.

Once completed, please contact CBS Student Services office to have this major and/or minor added to your University of Minnesota transcript; you will not receive an additional diploma.

Students who wish to complete an additional major, minor, or degree outside of CBS should contact the college offering that program directly. Students returning to complete prerequisite coursework for graduate or professional programs will enroll through the College of Continuing & Professional Studies.

Returning for Graduation

Students who have been placed on inactive status, but have completed all degree requirements and have not graduated should submit an Application for Readmission to be readmitted and have their record reviewed for graduation. For more information on this process, contact CBS Student Services.