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Chemical and Structural Biology Division

Faculty and research interests

Primary members

Hideki Aihara

mechanisms of DNA rearrangement/recombination reactions

Wendy Gordon

(Division Director)

Mechanotransduction; X-ray crystallography; Single molecule force spectroscopy; Regulated Intramembrane Proteolysis; Cell signaling assays; Protein labeling

Michael Latham

NMR spectroscopy, Protein dynamics

Kevin H. Mayo

Cell adhesion; protein-protein/carbohydrate interactions.

Luiza Mendonca

Cryotomography, Virology and Integrative Imaging

Douglas H. Ohlendorf

Protein engineering; structural biology; x-ray crystallography; molecular biology.

Dave Thomas

David D. Thomas

Muscle molecular dynamics, spectroscopy, and therapeutic discovery.

Gianluigi Veglia

Structure and dynamics of membrane embedded enzymes.

Secondary Members

Do-Hyung Kim

Biological networks that coordinate metabolism and growth.

Mikael Elias

Molecular promiscuity and recognition, extremophiles, molecular evolution

Chemical and Structural Facilities


Biophysical Technology Center
Director: J. Michael Autry
Optics Manager: Andrew Thompson
EPR Manager: Tory Schaaf

Kahlert Structural Biology Laboratory
Director: Hideki Aihara
Manager: Ed Hoeffner

Nanoliter Crystallization Facility
Director: Hideki Aihara
Manager: Ke Shi

Minnesota Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Facility
Director: Kevin Mayo
Meabolomics/ Small Molecular Manager: Todd Rappe
Solid-state Manager: Gopinath Tata