X-Ray Crystallography
The Kahlert Structural Biology Laboratory (KSBL)

The Laboratory houses four complete macromolecular X-ray data collection beam lines with three RigakuMSC Micromax 007 X-ray generators, three R-axis IV++ image plate detectors, and a Saturn 944+ CCD Camera. These systems are optimized to give high X-ray flux through small crystals for maximum in-house diffraction, but also give superb data for larger crystals as well. All lines are equipped with a low temperature device to reduce radiation damage and slow thermal motion. One line has VariMax Confocal Max-Flux optics (maximizing X-ray flux even more) and a 20 stage (for extremely high resolution data collection). There is also a beam line that uses Chromium generated radiation to assist with phasing.

The University has contributed to the Molecular Biology Consortium at the Advanced Light Source, and so regular exclusive synchrotron time is available to KSBL members. In addition, researchers also collect at other national synchrotron facilities, particularly the Advanced Photon Source near Chicago.

Data can be processed on the Laboratory workstations, or off-line at the Basic Sciences Computing Laboratory (BSCL), an off-shoot of the Minnesota Supercomputing Institute, situated next door to the KSBL. The BSCL also houses high resolution graphics workstations, powerful processing capabilities, and all the usual software packages for structure solution, model building and refinement.

In addition, the KSBL has a wide range of ancillary equipment available. A full time X-ray Facilities Manager (Ed Hoeffner; 612-625-2115) is available to help users. As a Minnesota resource the KSBL welcomes inquiries from potential users, who should contact the Director (Carrie Wilmot; 612-624-2406).

Director: Hideki Aihara
E-mail: aihar001@umn.edu
Phone: 612-624-1491
Fax: 612-624-5121

Manager: Ed Hoeffner
E-mail: hoeff001@umn.edu
Phone: 612-625-2115

Faculty specializing in macromolecular X-Ray crystallography

Hideki Aihara
Douglas H. Ohlendorf
Carrie M. Wilmot