BMBB DEI Committee


Established in 2020, the mission of the BMBB diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) committee is to foster and work to actively strengthen a culture that emphasizes mutual respect, inclusiveness, safety, and support. 

By promoting efforts to build an inclusive community where all voices are heard, we aim to lead and collaborate on initiatives that will continuously enhance and improve our capabilities to educate and to advance science. 

GRASP visit with middle school students in the Seelig Lab (Nov 2022)

GRASP visit with middle school students in the Seelig Lab (Nov 2022)


  • Community. Learn and practice community-building skills to help recruit and retain trainees from diverse backgrounds. 
  • Education. Engage, educate, and empower BMBB community members through seminars and workshops. 
  • Outreach. Work with local-area schools to provide opportunities for URM students to become involved in science in the BMBB department and at the University of Minnesota. 
  • Policy. Work with the University community to propose, develop, and implement changes within and beyond the BMBB department. 
  • Recruitment. Participate in recruitment efforts at all levels (undergraduate, graduate, postdoctoral, faculty) to ensure inclusiveness and diversity. 

Current Efforts

Hosting Local Middle Schoolers - GRASP
The goal of GRASP (Grass-Roots Advancement in STEM Professions) is to build relationships to increase recruitment and retention of underrepresented individuals in STEM majors, with a focus on middle school-aged students. 

Undergraduate Research Support
With BMBB departmental support, the BMBB DEI committee contributes funds to support undergraduate students in their research efforts. 

Enhancing Our Culture Seminars
With these seminars, we aim to augment our existing departmental seminar speakers. 

CoCo Cafe
The goal of CoCo Cafe is to diversify voices towards STEMM DEI by addressing a direct internal need in CBS for individual growth in cultural humility through experience, reflection, and interpersonal discussion. 

Past Efforts

Mentorship, DEI, and Science Workshops
The goal of this CBS service-learning mentoring model is to encourage STEM career paths for high school students. Undergraduate students are involved in direct mentoring of high school students. 

Other Accomplishments
Find information about other BMBB DEI Committee initiatives.