DEIJ Community of Practice

The College’s DEIJ Community of Practice (CBS DCoP) is modeled on the University’s Diversity Community of Practice. Departments and units within the college selected representatives to participate. The goal is to facilitate information sharing across the College. It’s one way we can learn from one another and increase the impact of our efforts. The CBS CoP meets monthly. 

Current members 

  • Mohammad Alfayez - CBS Postdocs
  • Sara Eliason - CBS Graduate Programs
  • Katie Furniss - Biology Teaching and Learning
  • Michael Huyen - CBS Human Resources
  • Forest Isbell - MnDRIVE Environment
  • Kit Leffler - Genetics, Cell Biology, and Development
  • Kat Markham - CBS Post Docs
  • Forest McMillan - CBS Student Services
  • Taz Mueller - Graduate student representative
  • Caitlin Potter - Cedar Creek Ecosystem Science Reserve
  • Simon Vergara Santibanez - Undergraduate representative, Student Equity & Justice Chair for the CBS Student Board
  • Jonathan Schilling - Itasca Biological Station and Laboratories
  • Allison Shaw - Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior
  • Mimi Tran - CBS Student Services
  • Michael Travisano - BioTechnology Institute
  • John Ward - Plant and Microbial Biology
  • Stephanie Xenos - CBS Dean's Office