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Buildings tour

Interested in where you'll be spending time on campus? The College of Biological Sciences operates on both the St. Paul and Minneapolis campuses.

Snyder Hall

Snyder Hall, home to the CBS Dean’s Office and several faculty labs is located on Gortner Avenue on the St. Paul campus. map

Snyder Hall

Gortner Laboratory

Gortner Laboratory, where the BioTechnology Institute and Biodale are headquartered, is adjacent to Snyder Hall in St. Paul. Here, you'll also find the administrative home of the departments of Plant Biology and Ecology, Evolution and Behavior. map

Gortner Laboratory

Biological Sciences Center (BioSci)

BioSci, on the corner of Buford and Gortner in St. Paul, is home to the first Active Learning Classroom on campus, as well as many Plant Biology faculty laboratories. map

Biological Sciences Center

Ecology Building

The Ecology Building, where the department of Ecology, Evolution and Behavior is centered, is located on Upper Buford Circle in St. Paul. map

The Ecology Building

Molecular and Cellular Biology Building (MCB)

The MCB Building, on Washington Avenue in Minneapolis, houses BMBB and GCD classrooms, faculty labs and offices and CBS Student Services. map

Molecular and Cellular Biology Building

Cargill Building for Microbial and Plant Genomics

The Cargill Building for Microbial & Plant Genomics is located on Gortner Avenue on the St. Paul campus and is home to MPGI, the Microbial and Plant Genomics Institute as well as several faculty laboratories. map

Cargill Building

Bruininks Hall 

Bruininks Hall, located on Pleasant Street in Minneapolis, is home to several Active Learning Classrooms and OneStop Student Services. map

Bruininks Hall

Jackson Hall

Jackson Hall, located on Church Street in Minneapolis, houses the administrative offices of the departments of Biochemistry, Molecular Biology and Biophysics and Genetics, Cell Biology and Development. map

Jackson Hall