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Learn about the molecules that make up living organisms with a minor in biochemistry at the University of Minnesota. 

Biochemistry minor

Through the biochemistry minor at the University of Minnesota, you can study molecules found in living organisms, particularly proteins, nucleic acids, lipids, and carbohydrates. Biochemistry minors focus their studies on the biosynthesis, metabolism, function, and regulation of these molecules of life.

The biochemistry minor is available to CBS students pursuing a degree other than biochemistry or biology. It is also available to non-CBS students. 


General biology 

● BIOL 1009 or 

● BIOL 1951, BIOL 2003, and BIOL 1961 


● CHEM 1081, CHEM 1065, CHEM 1082, CHEM 1086, CHEM  2081, CHEM 2085 or 

● CHEM 1061, CHEM 1065, CHEM 1062, CHEM 1066, CHEM 2301, CHEM 2302 or 

● CHEM 1071H, CHEM 1075H, CHEM 1072H, CHEM 1076H, CHEM 2331H, CHEM 2332H

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Director of Undergraduate Studies
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