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Gain a broad understanding of the fundamental nature and characteristics of living things, or explore specific areas of the field in greater depth with a minor in biology at the University of Minnesota. 

Biology minor

Pursue a minor in biology from the University of Minnesota where you can dig into the scientific exploration of the diverse world of living organisms. Today, biological research spans an almost infinite spectrum of studies from molecules to ecosystems. The field of biology has expanded enormously within the past four decades.

The Biology minor is available to non-CBS students only. Due to significant course overlap, the following majors will not be allowed to complete a biology minor: Biology, Society, and the Environment; Physiology; Medical Laboratory Sciences; Nutrition (Nutritional Science sub-plan only); Fisheries and Wildlife (all sub-plans); Environmental Sciences, Policy, and Management major: Environmental Science track; Scientific and Technical Communication major (Biological and Health Sciences subplan); Animal Science (Pre-Vet/Science sub-plan only); individually designed programs with a life sciences emphasis; Environmental Sciences, Policy, and Management; Food Science; Applied Plant Science (Environmental Science AND Environmental Education/Curriculum sub-plans). In addition, students pursuing a Biochemistry, Plant Biology, Marine Biology, Microbiology, or Integrative Neuroscience minor are not allowed to receive a biology minor. Transfer courses, AP/IB credit, or courses offered by non-CBS departments are only allowed for use in the biology minor for general biology, general chemistry, and a maximum of three credits of upper division coursework.

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