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Explore the impact of genetics and genomics in healthcare through the health and genomics minor at the University of Minnesota. 

Health and genomics minor

As national initiatives shape healthcare to promote personalized medicine, new standards of care will incorporate, and already are incorporating, genetic counseling and testing. In addition to increasing numbers of specialties utilizing genomic testing, the abundance of genetic testing available via the direct-to-consumer market means all healthcare providers will likely interact with genetic and/or genomic testing over the course of their careers. Genetics in healthcare therefore will impact everyone as it becomes standard of care and especially affect those working in healthcare, research, and public health. The courses in this minor will provide undergraduates interested in healthcare careers with technical knowledge, awareness of ethical and diversity-related issues, along with directed research and/or fieldwork experiences to enrich preparation to incorporation of genomics into their careers.


General biology 

  • BIOL 1009 or BIOL 1951/1951H

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Director of Undergraduate Studies
Dr. David Matthes I