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Nurse shark swimming in the ocean

Learn more about organisms that live in the seas, from their molecular composition and biochemistry, to how they comprise ecosystems through the marine biology minor at the University of Minnesota. 

Marine biology minor

Students who pursue the marine biology minor at the University of Minnesota can learn about the foundational concepts of marine biology, and the current issues that affect marine environments. With 71% of our planet covered by oceans, it's important to understand marine ecosystems, organisms, chemistry, and the physics of the oceans. Students in this minor will develop knowledge and skills through which they can explore complex problems such as habitat conservation, sustainability, climate change, and biodiversity in the oceans and on land. This minor also provides students with a base for subsequent studies in marine biology.


Biology course 

  • BIOL 1001 orBIOL 1003 or BIOL 1009 or BIOL 1012 or BIOL 1055 or  BIOL 1951/1951H and BIOL 1961 


  • CHEM 1081 and CHEM 1065, or CHEM 1061 and CHEM 1065, or CHEM 1071H and CHEM 1075H

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Director of Undergraduate Studies
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