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Transfer from within the University of Minnesota

Explore admission requirements for students transferring from within the University of Minnesota system to the College of Biological Sciences.

Questions about the transfer process or planning your classes? Please call CBS Student Services at 612-624-9717 to sign up for one of our transfer information sessions. Information sessions will outline college information, transfer admissions and future registration planning. Students should plan to attend an information session before meeting individually with a CBS advisor. Questions may also be directed to

Admission requirements
  • Students must be in good academic standing with their current college.
  • 2.0 cumulative GPA based on completion of 26 semester credits. A minimum of 12 credits must be completed at the University of Minnesota.
  • Science GPA of 2.5 or higher with at least three science GPA courses completed prior to application deadline. See below for science GPA policies.
Science GPA

The science GPA will be calculated using grades from all attempts (original and repeats) at courses applicable to CBS major requirements as found in the most current University Catalog, with the following stipulations:

  • Must include a minimum of 3 completed courses applicable to CBS major requirements (graded A-F).
  • Transfer courses that satisfy CBS major requirements will be included in the science GPA for admission. At least 1 science GPA course (3 credits minimum) must be completed at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities campus.
  • If a CBS degree requirement requires a lecture and lab to fulfill the requirement, students must take both lecture and lab to be factored into the science GPA for admission (ex: Chem 1061+ 1065, Biol 1951+1961, Biol 3211+2005, etc).
  • GCC, PHAR, and PSY designator courses count for some CBS major requirements, but will not count towards the science GPA for admission.
  • AP/IB courses may fulfill major requirements, but will not count towards the science GPA for admission.

Notes: degree requirements are subject to change prior to your admission to CBS.

Courses listed below fulfill requirements in most CBS majors and can be helpful to take prior to admission to CBS to make progress in our majors and fulfill the science GPA admission requirement.

  • Chemistry:  Chem 1061+1065, 1062+1066, 2301, 2302, 2311 or Chem 1081+1065, Chem 1082+1086, Chem 2081+2085.
  • Quantitative I Requirement (calculus): MATH 1241, 1271 or 1371
  • Quantitative II Requirement:  STAT 3011, MATH 1272 or 1372, MATH 2241, CSCI 1133
  • Physics (calculus-based): PHYS 1201W/1221, 1202W/1222, 1301W, 1302W  
  • Other Biology: BIOL 1951+1961, 2003, 3004, 2005, 3211; PMB 3002, 3005W, 3007W; EEB 3407/3408W, 3409, 3411/3412W

Notes: BIOL 1951+1961, 2003, and 3004 are generally reserved for current CBS students or those who are already transfer eligible. You should plan to complete your three science GPA courses without these biology courses. 

How to Apply
  1. Go to
  2. Open the Admissions, Transfer, and Re-enrollment section
  3. Complete the ā€œApplication for Undergraduate Change of College (electronic)"

If you are attempting to add a CBS major as your second major or degree while maintaining your currently declared program, you still need to be admitted to CBS through transfer admission. Please contact CBS at prior to submitting your application as you may need to apply through a different process.

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