CBSelfie with Austin Hovland

March 27, 2017
This CBS undergrad is exploring the passion behind the petri dish.

Austin Hovland

What’s your major?
Genetics, Cell Biology, and Development.

What year in school are you?
Junior (Graduating)

Where is your hometown?
Jordan, MN

What CBS circle are you leading this year?
"Developing Passion: A Look Into the Life of a Scientist."

Why did you want to lead a group about that topic?
As someone who is entering graduate school in the fall, I wanted to share the experiences that brought me to that path as well as continue to develop passion that will sustain me throughout my studies.

Why did you want to lead a CBS Circle?
I had heard about CBS Circles in the past and I knew they were a great way to form a close-knit group of students.

What’s been the most interesting aspect of you leading a group?
My mom is a fourth-grade teacher, and she is always coming up with new activities. I never realized how much work developing both interesting and useful activities are! It has definitely been a learning experience for me.

What are your career aspirations? Why do you want to go into that field of work?
I hope that one day I can become a college professor. I love research as well, and I have always enjoyed teaching others. Not only would this allow me to develop my own research, I could also help build the next generation of scientists.