CBSelfie With Chris Nguyen

October 21, 2015
This CBS undergraduate explores the intersect of biology and business. 
Chris Nguyen

Name: Chris V. Nguyen
Year: Class of 2017
Major: Supply Chain and Operations Management & Biology

Why study biology and supply chain and operations management?

Back in high school I was extensively involved in community work—organizing fundraisers and leading charity projects—to help cancer patients and their families through Minnesota non-profit, Angel Foundation. It was during this time that I experienced the potential of collective efforts; in the community alongside city officials and business leaders. My work became a passion for which set me on a path for business. However, my heart was in the sciences. The unique combination led me to the University— where opportunities in research and networking thrive.

You interned at Minnepura Technologies. Briefly, what did your internship at Minnepura entail?

In short, business development and market research. Applying my knowledge of biology, I was to identify the viability of the company’s tech in a number of industries. Upon identifying an industry—I further identified and reached out to individuals from key corporations.

What is intriguing to you about market trends in biotechnology?

I’m learning that companies are becoming more oriented towards biotechnology—due to reasons that help provide for streamlined operations. One example includes Dr. Wackett’s work with detection of melamine in milk.

What are your career aspirations and why that career?

I’d like to stay with Minnepura Technologies and watch it grow. In an ideal world, I would like to work with the company to help consult other industries on the tech available via Minnepura—help streamline supply chains and operations.

What advice would you give your first-year self in CBS?

Start building a network with faculty.