CBSelfie with Erin Chappuis

March 21, 2017
This CBS senior explores the iniquities in a career field she’s helping others prepare for.

Erin Chappuis
What’s your major?

What year in school are you?

Where is your hometown?
Eagan, Minnesota

What CBS circle are you leading this year?
Both the Medical School Application Preparation Circle and the Exploring Health Inequities and the Future of Public Health Circle

Why did you want to lead a group about that topic?
I'm pre-med and the medical school applications can be pretty intimidating, so I figured it would be a lot easier to get through it with other people in the same boat! I'm also very passionate about health inequity and public health so I wanted to be able to talk with other CBS students about the issues we see in healthcare in the United States, and what we can do as future health professionals and scientists to improve our little corners of the world.

Why did you want to lead a CBS Circle?
I'm technically a part-time student right now, which is very strange for me. I'm not used to having a lot of free time so when I learned about the CBS Circles I thought it was a great opportunity to put my leadership minor to work while also staying busy for my last semester as an undergraduate.

What’s been the most interesting aspect of you leading a group?
Other people always bring up perspectives you haven't thought of before. I set up questions and discussion topics for every week but quite frequently the conversation moves in a completely different direction than I was expecting. It's especially nice in the health inequity circle to be able to hear what other people think that I haven't even remotely thought of.

What are your career aspirations? Why do you want to go into that field of work?
I'm hoping to go to medical school although I'm not sure what specialty yet. And I think any pre-med would agree that "Why do you want to be a physician" is the most difficult question to answer. But I think it comes down to wanting to dedicate my life in service to others and medicine is where my strengths and interests intersect.