CBSelfie with Hannah Reisner

March 22, 2016
This CBS undergraduate builds community through service and learning.

Hannah Reisner

Your name: Hannah Reisner

Your year: Senior

Your major: Biology

What work have you done as a Community Engagement Scholar and what intrigued you to do that kind of work?
Volunteer work is a major component of CESP, and most of my volunteer hours have been with the Ronald McDonald House and U of M’s Masonic Children’s Hospital. When I started at the U of M, I wanted to find volunteer opportunities in the healthcare field, and these were two great options. Initially I was intrigued by the emphasis that CESP puts on consistent and long-term community involvement, and I’ve enjoyed getting to form this kind of relationship with these organizations.

How do you feel like you will use your experiences in Dean’s Scholars and in the Community Engagement Scholars programs after you graduate from CBS?
My experiences will serve as a reminder of the importance of staying involved and connected with the community as I get older. Both of these programs have created opportunities that wouldn’t have presented themselves otherwise and I’ve gained lifelong skills in service and leadership from both of these programs.

What are your future career aspirations? Why do you want to pursue that career?
I want to be a public health official in the area of management and policy, addressing the impact that social disparities have on health outcomes. I knew when I started at the U of M that I wanted to work in healthcare, but was only recently introduced to the idea of public health. I was interested in the preventative aspects of the field, and also inspired by the passion displayed by many of the professionals I’ve met.

How has CBS prepared you for that career?
CBS has been a rigorous college to be a part of, but I’ve received tons of guidance. Challenging courses and professors, helpful career and resume advice, and leadership development programs like Dean’s Scholars have all provided the resources necessary to be successful in my career.

If you could offer one piece of advice to your first-year self in CBS, what would that be?
Don’t be afraid to push your limits. Whether that means getting involved in something you normally wouldn’t or taking too heavy of a course load one semester (which I’m definitely guilty of), I think that’s the best way to learn something new about yourself.